Multi-Tech® is a brand that was born in answer to the ever increasing demand for products and services within the industrial resources sector. Multi-Tech® is a subsidiary division of the established company Rapid Plastics (WA) which has been in operating for nigh on two decades and has an integral founding throughout Western Australia supported by its vast network of supporting distributors and agents. Multi-Tech® Industrial Products cover a diverse range including water and chemical storage and cartage, fire fighting protection equipment, diesel fuel storage and transport, hose floatation and septic waste tank systems. These products are successfully operating and supported currently throughout the country in the following sectors; 

  • Mining Industry
  • Civil Works
  • Drilling & Exploration
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Chemical Processing
  • Oil & Gas

Creative innovation is a strong value ingrained within the corporation’s culture and constant improvement and design in answer to customers’ requirements are paramount in the company’s vision.

Support, reliability and service are recognised as vital factors for our clients and with Multi-Tech®, you are guaranteed that we will be with you every step of the way.

“YOU are our focus and we do what we say we’ll do”

You can also be confident in knowing you are dealing with a company which is certified to international quality management standard ISO9001:2008 to provide you the utmost assurance of quality, good product value and ongoing committal to continuous improvement.


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